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CFO/Operations Director


Canadian Gov't/US Gov’t Sales

Gov't/Commercial Sales


Gov. Contract Specialist/IT/Web/Tech

Parts/Recreational Sales/Service Dept

Incorporated 1980
DUNNS  Available upon Request
POINT OF PRODUCTION    Ft. Myers (Lee County), FL
FOREIGN ITEMS   less than 15%
Member   NMMA, NATM

Trailer Production:    Capacities to 16,300kg / 36,000 lbs.

Lengths to 16 Meters / 52 feet

Military/Commercial    75%
Custom Recreational   15%
Recreational/Utility     10%

Contractor:   J.D.C.I. Enterprises, Inc. / BOATMASTER®

​                              11950 Amedicus Lane

​                              Fort Myers, Florida 33907

J.D.C.I. Enterprises Inc./Boatmaster Trailers is located in Fort Myers, Florida; 10 minutes from an international airport and major interstate. The 30,000 sq. ft. production shop offers a steel and aluminum welding facility as well as fabrication and painting. Specializing in corrosive resistant trailer construction, aluminum, stainless steel and composite material are heavily targeted.  Military and commercial products have dominated the production of JDCI/Boatmaster since the 1980’s. Custom transport systems for special use vessels are engineered, designed, and tested for use in extraordinary environmental and unusual terrain conditions. These same units are air/sea transportable, highway capable and designed to transport the vessel to any destination.  All trailers are engineered not only to accommodate the vessel, but also the prime mover and ensure the intended use is fulfilled. Major considerations for type of terrain, environmental conditions, frequency and type of use, influence trailer design to the component level. Many of the components, used on the Military and Government trailers, are interchangeable with common purchased or standard stock items from existing government inventory. CAD drawings and OPPS manuals are created for each Boatmaster Military/Commercial Trailer. Repeatability and uniformity are considered essential to maintain the ability to acquire and sustain large projects in all areas of the world.


Past and Current Projects Include:

BOATMASTER® 11950 Amedicus Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33907

Current Military/Commercial Customer Base Includes:

United States Navy

United States Coast Guard

Homeland Security

State Gov. Facilities all States

OEM Vessel Manufacturers

​United States Marine Corps

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USMC - Riverine Assault Craft

USCG - Trailerable Aid to Navigation Boat TANB

USCG - Transportable Port Security Boat TPSB

Military Sales

US NAVY- 36 Patrol Boat Training Vessels

​NAVSEA - Riverine Assault Boat RAB




USMC - 31' Open Water Safety Craft

US NAVY SSC Surface Support Craft

US NAVY - Foreign Military Sales Yemen

Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV

Enduring Friendship

USCG - Over the Horizon OTR

NAVSEA - Explosive Ordiance Disposal EOD

US NAVY - 3410 Patrol Boat

USV NAVY - 38' Force Protection Large

​US NAVY - Foreign